5 Most Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does it mean to ‘balance the brain?

Brain balancing is a process and technique that integrates both hemispheres of the brain to function as a comprehensive and whole unit.  It increases the emotional coefficient and intellectual quotient (IQ) of the individual.

2. How long does it take to complete Dr. Jewel’s Balancing Program (DJBP)?

In many cases, participants have become permanently balanced within 6 months; on average, 18 months is the norm.  However, every participant moves at his own pace so the completion times vary.

3. What are the age requirements for Dr. Jewel’s Balancing Program (DJBP)?

It is ideal to begin balancing the brain at 8 years of age, although it is possible to initiate this process sooner.  Each child MUST be accompanied by at least one parent who is also a participant on DJBP.  DJBP is recommended for the 94% of humanity who are ‘out of balance.’

4. How Do I Get Started on Dr. Jewel’s Balancing Program?

Step 1. Click here for enrollment information.

Step 2. Complete the Signature Cards, as instructed, and mail them to:

Dr. Jewel’s Balancing Program
2146 Roswell Rd. Suite 108 – #1108
Marietta, GA 30062

Contact if you have any questions.

Step 3.  You will receive Dr. Jewel’s Balancing Program Packet with instructions along with the Sacred Geometry Symbols by postal mail service.

Step 4.  Once you receive your package, you may begin balancing immediately. Please be sure to inform DJBP of the date you have started balancing by emailing

5. How soon will I see results once I start balancing?

Many participants report noticeable changes after their first balancing focus.  However, as each brain is wired uniquely different, results vary from person to person.


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